How do I register for Bhasha Geeks?

Click on "Register Now" button on the top right corner on the homepage for registration.

Step 1: Fill up the Registration form (i.e. child application Form). __ After that___
The waitlist e-mail would be sent to the parents.

Step 2: Fee Payment: The payment information would be shared with parents through an e-mail.

Step 3: Students-Parents, On-board introductory meeting.

Step 4: information about classes: The first day of class would be communicated through email.

Bhasha Geeks learning program is designed for 5+ year children who aspire to speak, read and write different languages of their interest.

The team of Bhasha Geeks would initiate the application screening process and would contact back to parents for further procedure on enrollment along with course and payment details.

The child must be 5 years old by September 1st of the new academic year.

Bhasha Geeks will get all students registered in the new academic year. If there are good number of registration that can form a class, parents will be notified with further details on the students admission. Those enrollments will not be added in any ongoing batch.

Any email id would work as per your convenience.

After filling up the registration form by parents, Bhasha Geeks will contact back for further details.

The current students would be eligible for next year enrollments based on their final assessment report. Parents will get auto-notification on the next year enrollment with all instructions.

Enrollment is always open for the Current School Year. If you are enrolling your child after the first day of class then once the enrollment application has been processed and you have completed the payment, you will be provided with the start date for your child.


Is there any waitlist for the child?

Yes. Shortlisted children will be notified after enrollment through e-mail on registered e-mail I'd.

We will try to accommodate the registration request, if in case it will not get registered for this academic year, it will go into the wait list for next batch.

What does the Bhasha Geeks offer to students and parents?

We partner with all learning communities, globally, to bring all Indian languages and cultures with a simplified, engaging and interactive way to students. Our contents are designed based on ACTFL guidelines. We ensure highest level of integrity in our relationship and commitment to our Teacher, Student and Parent community.

The classes will be designed based on the registration, age group, language. The number of kids can be grouped between 7-10 per class.

75% minimum attendance is required for child to qualify to go for next level.


Language-Class-Teacher schedule will be published one week before the start date of classes.

We will ask for your preferences. We will form the batch based on the availability of teachers and students.

Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada

Yes. More details will be send post successful student enrollment.

Program joining kit will be mailed to you post successful enrollment step. That will include all required learning and onboarding kit for student.

How will the learning be delivered?

Students will learn online in virtual classrooms, through specialized teachers.

Laptops/Desktops are recommended.

All these details will be provided during the introductory on-boarding meeting.

How much does the course cost?

Bhasha Geeks is working on cost estimates and our staff will reach out during student enrollment process.

You will be charged based on your selected course, and level during the enrollment process.

Yes, the enrollment can be canceled within 30 days from the day of enrollment, with full refund. There will be a deduction of $50 enrollment processing fees per student. There will be a 25% refund post 30 days of enrollment to the actual lesson start date. The time for receiving the refund is about 10 business days.

Yes, we do provide customer support services. Our team is always there to help parents.
You can also write to us at

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