About Bhasha Geeks

Our Vision

Enable and empower each aspiring child to learn their native language in a more joyful way.

Our Mission

We are here with the mission to help students staying connected to our Indian roots, native culture and language by providing them innovative and quality lessons through interactive storytelling.

Bhasha Geeks Advantage

  • What we do? We partner with all learning community to bring all Indian languages with simplified, engaging and interactive way to students.
  • We ensure highest level of integrity in our relationship and commitment to our Teacher, Student and Parent community

Our Talent

  • We have diverse talent base of over 100+ teachers, across India and US. Our focus is to generate more employment for women in the coming years.
  • We have passionate, committed teachers to bring the joyful & interactive experience for students. Bhasha Geeks core focuses on getting best-in class teachers-student interactions. In order to make consistent growth from career and quality we focus on continuous learning and development, leadership development, performance review, career management, compensation and benefits.
  • Our mantra for success is to provide best teachers on digital learning platform for students to have learning anytime, anywhere in simplified & interactive way to stay connected with our roots and Indian culture.

Our Leadership

Saily Kondra

Founder and CEO, Bhasha Geeks

Saily is passionate about Indian culture and languages which motivated her to start this initiative and build a platform which connects overseas students and Indian gurus together to learn our rich language legacy using her 16+ technology experience.

Apart from her professional experience, she is also choreographer and participates in multiple cultural events in USA. She is a very happy-go-lucky, fun-loving wife. She enjoys her work and beliefs that if there is a will, there's definitely a way to get everything done.

Our Core Team

Dr. Kalika Mehta (Ph. D.)

Marathi Content Author

Dr. Kalika comes with an exceptional experience of more than 35+ years in teaching Marathi. Dr. Kalika taught Marathi language to Non-Marathi teachers and research scholars. In addition to teaching, Dr. Kalika has been responsible for administrative as well academic activities as a Principal of two Language centers under M/O Human Resources Development, Dept. of Higher Education, Government of India.

Apart from her deep interest in Marathi, she is also an expert of sociolinguistics and lexicography.

Her devotion towards her work makes her extraordinary and astonishing.

Dr Vyas Ji Dwivedi (MSc, D.Phil.)

Hindi Content Author

With more than 50 years of teaching experience, Dr. Dwivedi is specialized in Algebra, calculus, geometry, Analysis and many more complex mathematical models.

He has been actively associated with Institutions like NCERT, UPPSC, State Institute Of Sr Education and many more. He has authored several books for graduates and competitive examinations like introduction to real analysis, concept of mathematical functions, मनोरंजक गणित, for his deep love for maths, Vyas Ji is also passionate about Hindi language. He is regular speaker in All India Radio for various talk shows like Gyan Vigyan etc. He is also an expert in Meditation and Yoga and believes that the one with a calm mind can achieve everything. Dr. Dwivedi is also passionate about writing and has written a lot of poems and stories related to values and cultural heritages of his beloved nation. He has a lot of experience working with students of different backgrounds.

Gauri Brahme

Evangelist, Marathi Language

A creative and dedicated teacher by profession Gauri has been teaching German language for the last 20 years. She holds a Masters degree in German language.

Gauri is a compendious writer, who writes in Marathi language and has published her first marathi book of short stories collection named ‘Bahawa’ in the year 2019. She is also a co-writer of two books specializing in the area of Marathi as a foreign language.

She has great interest in teaching Marathi language to non-natives and she is also passionate for bringing her cultural traditions forward makes her uniquely special.

Shantanu Kher

Evangelist, Marathi Language

Shantanu is teaching Marathi as a foreign language for the last 14 years. He has written a lot of articles related to language for newspapers and has done translations for different purposes. Shantanu has created a new genre of short stories called 'A4 stories' and his experience and grasp in Marathi makes him more enchanting and interesting.

Shantanu is a professional tabla player and his concentration power makes him see and define even the minute details, portraying it through some creative and innovative form of art.

He has documented many interviews of different maestros and his फिल्मी temperament makes him a great storyteller and a person who connects with everyone very well.

E V Prasada Rao

Evangelist, Telugu Language

A trained Telugu scholar worked as a dedicated journalist for leading telugu daily news paper "EENADU", Prasada Rao has 15 years of teaching experience. He is one of the founding members and the secretary of Telugu Sahithya Samiti, Agiripalli, India.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Rao is also a great writer, spellbound singer and an actor. He is very active in co-curricular activities and emphasizes on the importance of multilingual languages and traditional cultural heritage.

Our Advisors

Dr. Lakshmikanth Hari (Ph.D.)

Advisor, Telugu Language

Dr. Lakshmikanth Hari is currently Assistant Professor & Chairperson at K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai, India. He is a Ph.D. in Management & Policy. Hari’s research interests are broadly in the areas of Energy & Development, Business & Sustainability.

In addition to his strong knowledge base, Dr. Lakshmikanth has a holistic approach towards different realms of the world and has the skill to make others understand things in better and different perspectives.

Dr. Elizabeth Abba (Ph.D.)

Advisor, Multi Language

Dr. Elizabeth Abba Associate Prof in the School of Sustainability and Associate Dean of International Relations at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Management from National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai. She was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Doctoral and Professional Research Scholarship during 2008-09 and spent 9 months at the Graduate School of Public Health at San Diego State University.

Dr. Elizabeth has more than 20 years research, teaching and consulting experience in the area of Environmental Science. Since 2013, she has hosted SDSU undergraduate students on study abroad programs in India every year. Moreover, she has great multilingual skills and holds immense knowledge about different Indian traditions and customs. She firmly believes that learning must go on and that's the key to her motivated spirit.

Dr. Rani Tyagi (Ph.D.)

Advisor, Hindi Language

A Ph.D. in Environment Management from National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE, Mumbai) and a Master of Science, Dr. Rani holds more than 16+ years of incredible experience in academic.

She has been an active member of Indian Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE) and a part of the Faculty Exchange Program at King’s College, London.

With many awards for her research papers and commendable contribution towards development, Dr. Rani is a dedicated, self-built woman who inspires and motivates youth to be the change that they want to see in the world.

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